Monday 17 December 2018

The Cat in the Hat

Curve, Leicester

15th December, 2018, morning

“When we’re old a grey,

We’ll remember this day”

A cold, frosty morning, Curve abuzz for this treat,

With families and Scout groups, popcorn and sweets.

‘Tis the season for introducing kids to the arts,

Festive and excited, we’re thrilled to take part.


Next door, Irving Berlin and a whole lot of snow,

Here, Dr Seuss rules over Curve’s studio.

Boy and Sally are stuck indoors from the rain,

But soon The Cat in the Hat’s mayhem will reign.


They started as foes did Sally and Boy,

Siblings warring and having no joy,

Then came the Cat and his box full of tricks,

With acrobatic magic, their boredom he fixed.


A cup and a boat, a fishbowl and cake,

The cat balanced them all atop of a rake.

But the feline did fall and cause a great mess,

The house was a wreck, to the siblings’ distress.


Encased in her bowl and enforcing the law,

The Fish on the mantel brings bubbles galore.

The fireplace bursts open, Charley Magalit pops out,

Wrapped in gold scales and rolling about.


Thing 1 and Thing 2 spring forth from their case,

To fly kites in the lounge and partake in a race.

Cartwheels and backflips, all part of the game,

Their chaotic mayhem nobody could tame.


Suba Das’ direction is packed with rebellious glee,

While Isla Shaw’s set is a faithful Seuss spree.

Black and white sketches, devoid of the sun,

A blank canvas upon which the Cat has his fun.


Tasha Taylor Johnson’s music is brought to life by the cast.

And audience participation was a fun-filled blast.

Stamping our feet and waving our arms,

No one could fail to fall for its charms.


From catchy tunes and magical turns,

To a solid moral lesson for kiddies to learn,

Suba Das has created a joyous show,

I urge, families, friends and theatre-lovers to go.



The Cat in the Hat plays at Curve, Leicester until 12th January and then tours.

It completes its run at Rose Theatre, Kingston 10th-21st April.

The cast of The Cat in the Hat at Curve, Leicester. Credit: Manuel Harlan

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